What You Need to Know and FAQ

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o  Chiropractic – meaning “done by hand”

o   How does it work?:

§  The main concern of a Chiropractor is your spine and nervous system, and how well they are both functioning. With so many factors involved, it is the Chiropractor’s task to evaluate and identify any problems that may exist within these structures, and come up with the best possible treatment protocol for each individual patient. It is our job to evaluate the biomechanical structure of the spine, to ensure that each one of the individual vertebra are moving freely and are not displaced or fixed in anyway.

     Any such displacement or jammed vertebra can cause the spinal nerve that exits from the intervertebral foramen (opening), to become irritated either through direct pressure or through indirect stimulation/irritation.

o   Who can benefit from Chiropractic treatment?:

§  Office workers who sit in front of a laptop for most of the day or at a desk for extended periods

§  Athletes

§  Babies and children

§  Pregnant women

§  Factory workers or anyone performing any form of manual labour

§  The elderly

o   When should I see my Chiropractor:

§  For most neuromusculoskeletal conditions. These can be anything from headaches, the general neck and back pain, any shoulder, hip, knee or joint pain in general and even some injuries. A maintenance protocol is good to stick to.

§  “The preservation of health is easier than the cure of disease” – B.J. Palmer

o   What causes the sound of an adjustment?:

§   When some techniques are applied, a popping or cracking sound may be heard. This is merely due to the gas and fluid inside the joint being released or moving around. The sound has nothing to do with the quality of the adjustment.

o   Does a Spinal Adjustment hurt?:

§  FACT: Adjustments do not usually hurt. In fact, many patients feel instant relief after their treatments. For obvious reasons, adjustments to certain joints in the spine or extremities may feel slightly uncomfortable, but in general patients tend to look forward to their chiropractic treatments and enjoy being adjusted. – CASA

A few more facts…

The spine is made up of 24 individual vertebrae. It starts below the base of the skull and ends in the centre between the hips. Although each vertebra is separate, they are all connected together by ligaments and muscles which enable the spine to function as one dynamic unit. In between each vertebra, there are cartilaginous discs which are there to help absorb shock, reduce friction between vertebrae and to allow increased movement in the spine.

Between each vertebra, there is a pair of spinal nerves exiting from the spinal cord. Each of the 31 pairs of nerves run and ultimately supplies and influences every organ, tissue and cell in the body.

Therefore any problem in any one of the vertebral joints can affect the related parts of your nervous system, which in turn can lead to such symptoms as pain in the back or neck as well as many other spinal problems.


It’s as simple as a fall or an accident, lifting of heavy objects or even high stress levels. All of these can cause any vertebra to lose its normal motion. This can cause the joint to become jammed, which can further irritate both the joint and nerve. Irritation of these joints can result in spasm of surrounding musculature, causing a trigger point formation in a muscle. Irritation of the nerve may also result in pain in the vicinity of the joint or it can refer pain elsewhere in the body.