Meet the Doctor


Michaela K Botha


Dr Michaela Botha moved from the friendly city of Port Elizabeth to study and qualify with her MTech in Chiropractic at the University of Johannesburg in 2019. During her time at university, she continued to play hockey and was very involved in the Student Chiropractic Sports Council. She was Vice-Chairperson and worked at many sporting events such as rugby and water polo festivals, baseball tournaments, rowing and horse riding events. 

She has a passion for treating the whole family, from the avid sports men and women to adults and babies. She has her first aid certification and wants to further her studies and specialize in the sports and pediatric fields of chiropractic.

Michaela enjoys furthering her knowledge and believes ongoing professional development is a priority in the medical field. Dr Botha understands that each patient has their own needs and her treatment is very patient dependent.

She is an avid sportswoman herself and is very determined on finding the best possible outcomes for all situations she is faced with. From own personal experience, she also believes in maintenance and that prevention is better than cure.


Dr Botha enjoys her CrossFit and playing hockey and was also a gymnast in her younger years. She has played waterpolo and done cross country running so she understands all the different types of sports and what each one entails. She also believes that everyone is different and she aims to treat with that in mind. 

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